With her contagious enthusiasm, Karen delivers effective training and coaching on Culture and Management. Her sparkling energy inspires others and sweeps them along. Karen motivates people to go out of their comfort zone, to explore new paths and to learn new skills. She likes to be challenged and is not afraid of challenging others. Karen has a sensitive ear for nuances in conversations, and is a keen and alert observer; she misses nothing of what’s going on in the group.

Always designed in close cooperation with the client, Karen’s courses are innovating, dynamic and hands-on. To get an idea of the general training and coaching topics, please see below.


Dealing with Culture @ WorkIntercultural Management
Developing Cultural Due DiligenceCross Culture Work
Implementing Cultural ValuesManaging the International Team
Shaping Cultural PracticesCollaboration in Project Management
Cultural Change & DevelopmentMotivating and Inspiring Others
Aligning Culture & StrategyAddressing Performance
Developing the Project PhilosophyTeam Development
Preparation Course for ExpatriatesSoft Skills in Project Management:
     - Communication Skills
     - Presentation Skills
    - Time Management
    - Dealing with Conflicts
    - Intercultural Skills
    - Leading Professionals
    - Personal Effectiveness